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CAP Money Expansion Launch

It has been over a year in the making, the moment where we could finally announce to the world that the CAP Money course now caters for university students and that we will soon have session that Coaches can take into schools. On top of that we announced our partnership with Stewardship to provide CAP … Continue reading

Part & Parcel – A Review

The transformation is complete. When I first discovered The Skints a few years ago and was blown away by the ska-punk vibe that emanated from ‘little flag’ and how this stood out from within a set of which the majority was reggae/ska. The next time I saw them live it became clear they had decided to pursue … Continue reading

Vocations Adviser Round Two

I start this post musing over how far I can push the metaphor that I used in Round One, where I likened a visit to the Vocations Adviser to visiting a doctor. Having left with the task of reading ‘Christian Priest Today‘ by Ramsey I now have a much clearer understanding of what priesthood is, … Continue reading

Cartmel 10k 2012

Having completed the Nottingham marathon a little over 5 months ago and with some previous experience on the Ilkley Trail run I thought that a 10k run around the Lake District would be an enjoyable little race to keep me sharp. The promise of Sticky Toffee pudding from the home of sticky toffee pudding, Cartmel, … Continue reading

Leeds Beer Festival 2012

I don’t think that many people will be able to say with as much confidence as I can that Bradford has turned them into a snob. I have become a victim of my own enjoyment of ale, if I cannot find something at a beer festival that really wows me, I become a touch indignant. … Continue reading

Passion 2012

Passion is the one time every year that all CAP staff, whether from Head Office or from any of the Debt Centres across the country come together to be encouraged and inspired in our vision to reach the nation through debt counselling. As our centre network has swelled to 190 Debt Centres across the UK and … Continue reading

CAP Money Wales

Competing against the rugby is never is a good idea in Wales, especially in Cardiff, but we pressed on nonetheless and moved our venue to Blackwood, which is just outside Cardiff to avoid any traffic issues. Wales has been an area of the UK that has been historically very hard for the CAP to crack and … Continue reading

Note to Self: Passion

Bruno Maag is officially my new favourite person. Not because he is a very talented graphic designer, because if I am honest I have not experienced much for his work, although I know he is something of an icon in the industry. He is my new favourite person because of the way he tackled the … Continue reading

Bradford Beer Festival 2012

The humble ale is an astonishing thing, especially in the way that it can simulate tastes and flavours, as with all things, some of these are great and others not so much. This year at the Bradford Beer Festival I seemed to come across some of the more exotic flavours like mango and lychee in … Continue reading

Vocations Adviser Round One

The second phase on my journey to ordination involves up to three meeting with someone called the Vocations Adviser. I would liken it to a trip to visit the doctor. It is not as painful as surgery (though you know there is a very real possibly of surgery at some point) but you still experience … Continue reading